CuriousLeaders was co-founded by Margaret O’Keeffe and Matthias Gruendler in 2005. They have created a unique offering that helps individuals and organisations transform relationships and communicate  more effectively

We are business coaches who specialise in strategic identity management.  This means we connect the dots  across leadership, culture and capability.  Margaret and Matthias manage the overall client relationships and work closely with a team of business coaches, advisors, facilitators, mentors and trainers.  We are not ‘trainers’ in the traditional sense. All of our services are  bespoke.  Regardless of what we are asked to do we offer a systemic perspective.

Each member of our team has held senior executive roles in global organisations so we empathise with the challenges of management in corporate environments.  Ongoing learning and the development of conscious awareness  is core to who we are.  We draw from extensive qualifications, training credentials  and diagnostics across executive & business coaching, team management, transformational leadership,  organisational systems and culture change.

Our mission is to encourage business people to become conscientious and credible role models for what they wish to see in the world. This is fundamentally about aligning personal and cultural identity. It starts with fearless conversations about what’s really going on. We help create experiences that help leaders, teams and entire businesses become more conscious about the impact of  the everyday  decisions they make. Part of this means taking responsibility for living one’s values as opposed to talking about them.

Creative, Honest, Compassionate are the 3 core values that guide our everyday work.  They also inspire us to design safe learning experiences  and gatherings where people can speak openly about their challenges and take action.  

We believe that:

  • Curiosity sparks sustainable transformation.
  • Good business comes from the head.  Great business comes from the heart.
  • Cultural change is constant.  You can choose to run it or to be run by it.