The team from Curious Leaders helped us at RTC to get a better understanding of what we can achieve, and how to measure the impact on a long term basis. We are in the middle of organisational changes, customer challenges, conflicting project priorities and the usual matrix issues – the team that has already been through the programme has provided a stable backbone in the organisation both from a line management point of view and in the main projects. The leadership programme has contributed greatly to the organisation’s capability to absorb challenges and change.

Rainer Zahradnik, Head of Strategy, Executive Board member - RTC Real - Time Center AG (Switzerland–based financial services technology provider)

We were quite sceptical at the start regarding the employment of external consultants and facilitators especially since as Head of HR, I was very satisfied with our own highly qualified internal resources. The collaboration with CuriousLeaders helped open discussions and surface cultural transformation challenges we couldn’t have uncovered and addressed internally. The impact on the organisation included a measurable increase in departmental/lateral collaboration, shorter, more focused meetings and an increase in personal accountability of the participants. The entire CuriousLeaders team was highly regarded by our internal coaching team and the internal executive sponsors of the programme. It bridged silos and created a community.

Manfred Rohrer, former Head of HR at RTC AG (currently Head of HR Region EOA / Gesamtbankprojekte at the Berner Kantonal Bank BEKB | BCBE), Switzerland

What do you want when you hire an external provider? A fast scan of the business. Leadership experience and know-how. The ability to tune into your immediate needs while providing solutions for the long term. Flexibility, lots of it. Authenticity, openness, a good sense of humour, and the guts to challenge your ways of doing things. Above all, the ability to deliver consistent quality. All this and even more we got from the “curious ones” as we call them now.

Markus Ingold, Internal Coach and Trainer, RTC, Switzerland


Selecting, contracting and also being coached by CuriousLeaders was a great experience. Their knowledge, training delivery and expertise made for a very successful engagement. The original ‘C' Suite programme was brilliantly adapted and designed for the IBM UK Transformational Account Programme which was to drive a growth mind set from our Account Executives to increase revenues in the top 16 UK Enterprise Accounts. The courses helped prepare these Top Sellers get into the mind set of how ‘C’ Suite executives think and operate which was of absolute necessity. The training methodology and approach met all the critical success factors we required for the programme. The feedback from our Top Sales Professionals and their reporting managers was extremely positive with courses fully booked out and very highly rated. It led to additional requests for bespoke courses for some of the International Account teams. My own personal benefit and take away from the training/coaching has made me very aware of the importance of managing my own personal identity and unique value along with my company proposal. This helps me build more effective relationships to deliver value and win!

Colette McDonnell, UKI Sales Eminence Champion

Despite the fact that I have 25 years of experience within my chosen industry (having attained General Rank – Full Colonel – in the Army) and 7 years in my current position in IBM, they have encouraged me to test my perception of what is good and what is right within the environment I work. They were able to cajole, amuse, interest and completely persuade the team. CuriousLeaders have an individual style and real substance. I would recommend them to anybody who wants to gain more from themselves or their organisation.

Robin Jones, Defence and Intelligence Business Development Lead, IBM

CuriousLeaders enabled our client services team to meld in our move from "technology supplier" to "services implementation partner". We needed to change and develop our skills to become role models for the differentiation we wanted to achieve. Today we have a team identity that CuriousLeaders helped us to define for Barclays our client. We continue to use individual and team development roadmaps for the many insights, tools and techniques we learnt from CuriousLeaders.

 James Ryan, Global Client Director, IBM

Telefónica is large and complex with 400+ companies and multiple sub-cultures. We hold a very high bar and are a demanding company to work with in order to get the best and most relevant curriculum for our top talent. Participants represent multiple Telefonica brands (02, Vivo, Movistar etc), and countries across all functional areas ranging from CEOs of finance, networking, legal, or human resources to regional heads of sales and marketing. The CuriousLeaders team has kept pace with all of our shifts in business direction and collaborated closely with us throughout. We don't think of them as suppliers, rather they are our partners in transforming and enhancing our company's culture.

Rory Simpson, Chief Learning Officer Telefónica

CuriousLeaders demonstrated a real desire to understand the Telefónica business and the challenges it faces. They have introduced our senior directors to practical models, tools and skills to lead and implement strategic transformation initiatives at global and local levels. Their approach is extremely pragmatic. They continually make enhancements through incorporating our feedback along with their own ideas. The relationship that the Corporate University has grown with them is one of a true partnership.
Catherine Jones, Programme Director, Universitas Telefónica
FTSE 100 Bank

CuriousLeaders has worked at both Graduate and MD levels of the bank and therefore can draw from knowledge of both to help support and improve team dynamics and results. They work holistically and go beyond the immediate ‘brief’ by linking individual programmes to the overall strategic mission. They have served as true partners to our L&D team.

Global Head of Learning, Markets & International Banking

CuriousLeaders have immersed themselves in the culture and have a good insight into what personal attributes are needed to be successful here. By working closely with the CuriousLeaders team we have been able to ensure that our values are well considered in the content delivered.The training has delivered confidence to our graduates and a real determination to take ownership of their own development, something we saw lacking from this generation previously. The analyst and associate audiences appreciate a personalised approach to training rather than off the shelf, which is where the CuriousLeaders programmes have excelled.

Head of Early Career

As a stereotypical member of Generation Y, I had been bought up to strive to always be the best academically, and so to find out that there is so much more to communicating that just what you say was a massive eye-opener. I owe it to Margaret, Matthias and rest of the CuriousLeaders team for bringing this to life for me. The training came at a fantastic point in my career development: first off as a reminder of the key skills learnt during a CuriousLeaders course a couple of years before; and secondly building on these solid foundations to help me springboard my career up to the next level. The refresher was delivered via a fantastic online portal allowing us to dip in and out of the previous content at leisure, whilst leaving the day in class free for genuinely new and different content. The personalised feedback really helped me to explore how to take my career path up a notch.


After programme managing the course for a couple of years and always hearing the fantastic feedback from those taking part, I was lucky enough to take part imyself. It goes head and shoulders above any other "soft skills" training I have taken part in or run. I have no doubt that taking part in this program was a contributing factor in helping me secure a role into a more senior position.

Early Career Manager


The feedback from our team was that this ‘Happening’ week was very special for them. It was an extra-ordinary time with an outstanding team. People often reference back to this event. I myself will never forget it and whenever we talk about Innovation I share the results and reference back to it.

B. Schandl, Senior Consumer Insight Manager, Kraft Foods International, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Eastside Primetimers

CuriousLeaders bring commercial nous, emotional intelligence, and understand and appreciate the way that charities and social enterprises need to balance a myriad of sometimes competing priorities. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Richard Litchifield, CEO, Eastside Primetimers


One of the strengths of CuriousLeaders is that they force one to look deeper. They are not satisfied with standard answers and ask insightful questions that get to the core of complex issues. As a visiting lecturer at Oxford University's Said Business School I talk about how to value reputation from an investor's perspective. CuriousLeaders has helped me to think more deeply and strategically about the impact of reputation in both my personal and business life.

Nicholas Morse, Emerging Equities Markets Portfolio Manager and Analyst, Comgest, Paris
Manx Telecom

I first met CuriousLeaders when they were facilitating a Transformational Change programme at Telefonica's Corporate University and I have to say, it was one of the best that I have attended in my many years!! They provided insightful and, perhaps more importantly, useful and pragmatic tools and techniques for change. No hesitation is recommending them. I have subsequently involved them with work here at MT and they were also a huge part of the recent CIPD 100 year event we ran here on the IOM to great feedback.

John McChesney, Director of Human Resources, Manx Telecom, Isle of Man