Eastside Primetimers is the specialist management consultancy for non-profit organisations in the U.K.  They help leaders of charities and social enterprises to grow and scale up their organisations.

Their CEO Richard Litchfield has this to say about us: 

“I met CuriousLeaders in 2007 when the founders were exploring how to best use their considerable commercial leadership skills for the benefit of the social economy. CuriousLeaders initially acted as business mentors on a funded programme called Equal-Invest guiding a number of charity leaders towards more enterprising business models and pitch for social finance.

We then engaged Margaret O’Keeffe to deliver our company’s Strategy Away Days. This was an early and informative period for Eastside Primetimers (formerly Eastside Consulting) and she delivered and directed us in expert fashion.   I subsequently asked Matthias Gruendler to act as my mentor. We met regularly to discuss the development of Eastside within the wider civil society intermediary sector. His support was part coach, mentor, psychologist and friend. He was invaluable in supporting me on a personal level to understand and then fulfil my role as a young(ish) Chief Exec.

From 2010-2016 Matthias took a Non-Exec role at Eastside and helped us through a particularly vibrant growth period. Over that time we trebled the size of the organisation. (In 2011 we started merger conversations with Primetimers which then lead to the completion of a deal in 2013.) Matthias was instrumental in evaluating the business case for the merger as an independent Board member and then helping the executives to assess not just the financial but the cultural and managerial implications.

Post-merger, Matthias has been a strong voice on the Board for us being crystal clear – even ruthless – in making sure that our business model is not a fudge of two different models but rather is a single integrated model.”