CuriousLeaders has collaborated with a global corporate and investment bank for the past 6 years. We asked the Global Head of Learning for Markets and International Banking to share her experience with us:

“In 2012 CuriousLeaders were asked to develop and deliver workshops for Managing Director levels across both EMEA Markets Sales and International Banking (under the former M&IB organisation). In February 2013 the bank announced a restructuring between M&IB which came into effect in June 2013. It was an exceptionally difficult time. CuriousLeaders needed to keep pace with multiple departures and transitions of the programme business sponsors. Despite the radical changes the CuriousLeaders team managed to secure multiple interviews with heads of divisions, countries, markets, coverage bankers, corporate advisory and transaction services specialists, to ensure that the programme was absolutely tailored. They ran very successful workshops with MDs across EMEA Markets in 2013 and, as a result, were asked to design and deliver workshops to support a newly formed EMEA Markets Leadership team in 2014. Selected attributes of the CuriousLeaders team:

  • Go beyond the immediate ‘brief’ by linking individual programmes to the overall strategic mission
  • Have worked at both Graduate and MD levels of the bank and therefore can draw from knowledge of both to help support and improve team dynamics and results.
  • Team comprised of product specialists and facilitator/coach generalists who know how to strategically blend behavioural skills with sales and commercial know how
  • Understand the specific company and industry culture with its particular challenges and changing environment
  • Converted MD sceptics, who ordinarily can’t stand ‘training’, to actively engage in workshops
  • Have worked at executive level themselves in corporates/seasoned professionals who can empathise with the challenges of management in large organisations
  • Trusted partners who go above and beyond the ‘deliverables’ they are paid for.
  • Excellent participant feedback with an average score per workshop of 4.5/5″