CuriousLeaders has supported Kraft on multiple innovation projects.

We have significant expertise in creating experiences that help people think differently.  In our view one of the best ways to get out of automatic pilot is to get out of the office and see things from the customer perspective.  In a data driven world of spreadsheets, psychographics and number crunching we feel it is critical to effectively balance empirical research with human connection.  

On an innovation project this means  being able to empathise not only with the end customer but also with one’s colleagues. By introducing experiential events that have included somatic awareness, music, movement, art, dance, and theatre we have helped multifunctional teams at Kraft come together and co-create in ways that were radically different. 

We blended our team’s collective experience across strategic planning, new product development, ethnographic research and coaching with Kraft’s Research & Development,  Consumer Insight and Marketing teams. When we work with clients like Kraft who trust us to get them out of their comfort zones it provides us all with an inspirational opportunity to create new solutions.

”The feedback from our team was that this ‘Happening’ week was very special for them. It was an extra-ordinary time with an outstanding team. People often reference back to this event. I myself will never forget it and whenever we talk about Innovation I share the results and reference back to it.”


B. Schandl, Senior Consumer Insight Manager – Kraft Foods International, Europe, Middle East and Africa