The leadership programme has contributed greatly to the organisation’s capability to absorb challenges and change. CuriousLeaders has been instrumental in achieving this.
Rainer ZahradnikHead of Strategy, Executive Board memberRTC AGSwitzerland

CuriousLeaders specialises in strategic identity management.  

We deliver coaching programmes, training, mentoring, facilitation, experiences and interventions that join the dots strategically across leadership, culture and business capability.  Project scope can range from a 1:1 coaching contract to a long-term culture transformation project.  We offer significant experience and expertise across executive/team coaching, leadership development, customer centricity, stakeholder management, culture change, communications, strategic planning, values alignment and innovation.  We tend to be brought in when traditional approaches have not had the desired results.

Typical projects have started with questions like:

  • We have a clear strategy,  we’ve communicated this plan, why don’t they just get on with it?
  • Our top sales people just aren’t building out their relationships across the  ‘C’ suite,  I don’t know why, can you help?
  • What is it going to take to get the people on this team to understand that they must stop competing with each other?
  • The engagement scores are at an all time low.  We have a risk adverse culture.  What do you recommend?
  • How can we possibly deliver on these numbers  and still inspire people to focus on innovation?
  • We have amazing people doing heroic things.  How can we sustain this momentum and avoid burning them out?

We help support our clients’ develop their individual, team and organisational capabilities through:

  • enhanced self-awareness
  • sales training
  • confidence building
  • strategic planning

  • identity management
  • mindfulness
  • effective communications
  • personal resilience

  • relationship management
  • conscientious leadership
  • customer centricity
  • culture change
  • team productivity