RTC (Real-Time Centre) was a highly innovative  Swiss technology company based in Berne. It was founded as an outsourced IT centre to provide software products, outsourced solutions, operations, support, and training to a number of partner banks.

When CuriousLeaders started working with their initial high potential talent team the company was in a high state of turbulence and stress.  The executive leaders wanted the business to transform from a dependent shared service and cost centre to an independent profit enterprise. This would require a significant mindset and behavioural shift across all management levels.

The board’s focus was around the paradoxical management of two opposing dynamics:  How can we re-structure to become a leaner efficient organization and, at the same time, keep our innovative spirit and momentum going for a successful new product launch?  The new product was called ‘IBIS’ and it became known as the product that would either make or break the company.

CuriousLeaders developed a 10 month leadership programme to encourage resilience and enhance commitment for the next generation of RTC leaders during a time of ambiguity and relentless pressure.   The leadership programme ran for three years and helped form a strong network of over 50 highly motivated and accountable new leaders. The new product was successfully launched as a result.

IBIS was used by 70 banks in Switzerland and became the platform with the highest market share in Switzerland.  This ultimately led to RTC being integrated into HP Switzerland as a profitable Competence Centre for Banking Solutions (HP BSC).