Aligning Internal and External Identity

Supporting individuals, teams, and organisations in times of transition.
Generating a sense of calm and stability in a world of ambiguity
Helping people to lead beyond disruption
Designing and delivering experiences that connect leadership, culture, and capability.
Encouraging curiosity to overcome fear and cynicism
Managing identity in a strategic context


We are a coaching consultancy that specialises in strategic identity management and leadership.

Strategic Identity Management means we connect the dots across leadership, culture and capability. Our clients trust us to help them design, facilitate and deliver experiential programmes that enhance personal and organisational success. Our mission is to encourage people to become conscientious and credible role models for what they wish to see in the world. We work with business leaders and social innovators who are open to doing things differently.


Helping organisations to stay on course in times of ambiguity


Aligning people with the strategy of the companies they represent.


Up-skilling to increase positivity and productivity.


Supporting individuals and teams to become more effective and fulfilled

What Our Clients Say

The CuriousLeaders team has kept pace with all of our shifts in business direction and collaborated closely with us throughout. We don't think of them as suppliers, rather they are our partners in transforming and enhancing our company's culture.

Rory Simpson, Chief Learning Officer, Telefónica

The feedback from our Top Sales Professionals was extremely positive with courses fully booked out and very highly rated. My own personal benefit and take away from the training/coaching has made me very aware of the importance of managing my own personal identity and unique value along with my company proposal. This helps me build more effective relationships to deliver value and win!

Colette McDonnell, UKI Sales Eminence Champion, IBM

The feedback from our team was that this ‘Happening’ week was very special for them. It was an extra-ordinary time with an outstanding team. People often reference back to this event. I myself will never forget it and whenever we talk about Innovation I share the results and reference back to it.

B. Schandl, Senior Consumer Insight Manager, Kraft Foods International

The impact on the organisation included a measurable increase in departmental/lateral collaboration, shorter, more focused meetings and an increase in personal accountability of the participants. The entire CuriousLeaders team was highly regarded by our internal coaching team and the internal executive sponsors of the programme. It bridged silos and created a community.

Manfred Rohrer, former Head of HR at RTC AG

The coaching and mentoring provided has made a real difference. It makes us stand us out in terms of external recruitment. Today we see many alumni return to share their experience and act as validators for the programmes. The training has delivered confidence to our graduates and a real determination to take ownership of their own development, something we saw lacking from this generation previously. I highly recommend Curious Leaders.

Head of Early Career, FTSE 100 Bank