Curiosity is about exploring and uncovering new possibilities. It converts fear to fascination. It’s a coaching skill that informs everything we do.


There is far too much emphasis on getting ‘to the bottom line’ and short-term thinking in business today.  We encourage our clients to remain open and to reflect on their challenges more deeply so that new solutions can emerge.

That said we will always help people problem solve on the spot if we have the relevant experience and feel they have explored their issues sufficiently. In addition to extensive coaching credentials, all members of the Curious Leaders team offer executive management experience so they can empathise with the types of issues our clients face.

We draw from multiple coaching approaches and our own business experience across communications, customer insight, relationship management and strategy.

This could include business models, frameworks, mindfulness, somatic awareness or simply getting someone out of the office to go for a walk.  Our approach is always underpinned by a sense of enquiry.  We are deeply aware of the complexity and diversity of the world.  Our goal is to help become more conscientious about the choices they make so that they can become more productive and fulfilled.

We offer both executive and team coaching across a wide spectrum of industries.

“I believe the professional coaching has been extremely valuable both for the business and for me personally in relation to my interactions with portfolio company CEO's and other Partners. It has been a significant enabler in making me more effective through improving my understanding of how others judge me, lifting my communication skills and enhancing my personal effectiveness.”

Managing Director, Private Equity

In my long career it has been my privilege to work with a number of good coaches. However working with Curious Leaders is to work at a different level of understanding the "real" problem, which is crucial in any coaching or mentoring relationship.

Lawrence Bloom, Chairman, Be Energy, Former Chair, Global Agenda Council on Urban Management, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, Former Chair UNEP, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council

The coaching transformed my career. It helped me find my voice and identity as a Director so that I could confidently step into this role and move away from the everyday management of my production company. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Jacqueline Pepall, Film & TV Director

The coaching has been instrumental in helping me adopt the behaviours of someone in a leadership position and to think more strategically about my career. Thanks to a structured, thorough and honest approach, including providing the full and frank feedback I required, I’ve received excellent feedback on my progression and am much better placed to achieve my career goals.

EMEA Sales Leader, Global advisory, broking and solutions company

I have become much more aware of my behaviour, my reputation and how I impact the world around me. As a result of the coaching I am much clearer about who I am, what drives me, where I want to be and how I might get there. The process was excellent in its logic.

N. Morse, Emerging Equities Markets Portfolio Manager and Analyst, Comgest, Paris

We found it enormously valuable to have an honest, focused space to explore and reflect upon the challenges of co-leadership and specifically, our own personal relationship. With your help we began to articulate how to move forward. You created a thoughtful and careful space for Tim and I to discuss issues in a way that helped us to feel supported without being led. Thank you.

J.Burton and T.Supple, Co-Artistic Directors, Dash Arts Limited

Despite the fact that I have 25 years of experience within my chosen industry (having attained General Rank – Full Colonel – in the Army) and 7 years in my current position in IBM, they have encouraged me to test my perception of what is good and what is right within the environment I work with surprising and particularly effective results. The Curious Leaders team have an individual style and real substance. I would recommend them to anybody who wants to gain more from themselves or their organisation.

Rob Jones, Business Development Executive Defence and Intelligence Business Development Lead IBM