Leaders who have a clear sense of individual and organisational identity generate confidence and stability in turbulent times.


CuriousLeaders helps connect, upskill and align people with the strategic direction and expression of their company’s purpose. We help develop the capability of both emerging and executive level leaders so that they can better role model the behaviours  that underpin the values they wish to communicate.  While it is important to have a vision and a strategy it is equally important to  know how to lead conscientiously on a day-to-day basis.   It’s hard to do this without a having a clear sense of individual and organisational identity.

We often find that ‘leadership’ is perceived to be the responsibility of one’s line manager or a few players on the executive board. In our view it is a collective responsibility regardless of hierarchical level.  Generally speaking the people at the top want their direct reports to really step up and take charge. Yet, those at an earlier career stage often don’t feel empowered to lead because they take their cues from how their line managers  behave. A fear of conflict, taking risks,  silo mentality, misaligned priorities,  and ineffective communications can often get in the way.

As a business leader, put yourself in the shoes of your key stakeholders.  Are you trusted? Are you credible? Do people love working with you and for you? Would you say you promote positivity or fear? In a business world dominated by endless processes and reportage we understand it can be easy to get into automatic pilot.  It’s not unusual to not see the forest when pressured by all the individual trees. That said, it is important to understand how you and your team’s leadership is impacting company culture.

Our services include leadership tools, proprietary frameworks, diagnostics and coaching approaches that help our clients’ simplify complexity and manage identity as part of their organisational strategy.

Embarking on a leadership programme seems like a easy thing every organisation needs to do but actually being able to design it, run it and re-integrate it into the organisation is a completely different challenge. The programme contributed greatly to the organisation’s capability to absorb challenges and change. Curious Leaders was instrumental in achieving this.

Rainer Zahradnik, Head of Strategy, Executive Board member RTC