We support pioneers and social innovators who want to make a positive impact.

The Pachamama Alliance

We co-developed a business symposium on behalf of the Pachamama Alliance to help raise awareness of the interdependence of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment in society at large.

This organisation was initiated as collaborative exchange between the Achuar tribe in Ecuador and a group of social entrepreneurs in San Francisco.  The Achuar receive legal and business support to help protect a pristine part of the rain forest.   In return, they provide indigenous wisdom and connection to nature.  This alliance has resulted in a landmark legal triumph that gives trees the same constitutional rights as human beings in Ecuador. It spawned innovative thinking such as the opportunity to invest in the environment by paying oil companies to keep oil at source vs. consuming it.

All Walks Beyond The Catwalk

This diversity in fashion initiative catalysed the beyond the ‘size 0’ Fashion debate and encourages people to be free to express their personal identity no matter what their size.

All Walks works with influential fashion designers, top industry creatives, fashion students and their colleges to challenge the fashion industry’s dependence on unachievable and limited body and beauty ideals.  Their campaign highlights the responsibility that the fashion industry has to recognise the psychological impact of its messaging upon the minds of young women and men.  CuriousLeaders was involved in the conceptual stage of All Walks and  helped them facilitate  initial dialogue between fashion school graduates and their teachers.  All Walks now works with over 30 universities and colleges to  raise awareness of the importance of diversity in fashion education. In acknowledgement of their significant contribution to societal change, Debra Bourne, MBE, the All Walks Managing Director  was awarded a  “Creating Change from Within Business” Campaigner Award 2016, from the Sheila McKenchnie Foundation, held at the House of Lords.

The Hospital Club Foundation

CuriousLeaders have been coaches in residence for the club’s Emerging Creatives programme since 2011.

The Hospital Club was launched in 2004 by investor Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) to discover,  publish and celebrate the best creative talent in the industry.  We provide business mentoring and personal development over the course of a year to  winners of the HClub Foundation’s Emerging Creatives competition. We have coached the artist Roxane Borjuerdi, composer Alex Nikiporenko, director of theatre/ opera Luc Mollinger, playright Joel Horwood, choreographer Riccardo Buscarini, poetic artist Sabrina Mahfouz, writer Bridget Minamore, film director Jacqueline Pepall, visual artist Riffy Ahmed, milliner Francisco Rico, and rap artist Chris Smith (Blacksmith).  It is wonderful to collaborate with and learn from  brilliant young people who are making  a positive contribution to the world through their creative expression.

CuriousLeaders bring commercial nous, emotional intelligence, and understand and appreciate the way that charities and social enterprises need to balance a myriad of sometimes competing priorities. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Richard Litchifield, CEO, Eastside Primetimers