CuriousLeaders has formed part of Universitas Telefónica’s faculty since 2009.  It is where the company’s CEO’s, Directors and high potential talent have time to reflect and continue to hone their ongoing personal development skills.

The Corporate University is a wonderful place where the top 2000 leaders across Telefónica’s institutional and commercial brands (O2, Movistar, Terra, Vivo and many others) have an opportunity to come together as a network and learn about each others’ regions, markets and strategic developments.

Our original relationship with Telefónica started when we were asked to design and deliver a four day intensive programme called Leading Transformation For Profitable Growth.  It was clear that they were not looking for a ‘business as usual’ approach. We knew we were competing with  a number of excellent business schools for the initial project.  At the time, nobody had heard of us.  In an environment dominated by faculty members with heavy duty academic credentials we were a complete ‘wild card’ choice.

We won the assignment and as a result of its success were asked to develop another programme called Customer Focus. This was about developing and delivering end-to-end branded customer experiences on behalf of Telefónica globally.  We put together a design and delivery team which included the former head of customer services for Virgin Atlantic, the European head of Customer Experience for O2 and the global head of IBM’s client services for Telefónica. The programme combined our expertise in customer insight and business coaching models with the O2 brand experience frameworks,  and storytelling by leaders who shared their personal experiences (both good and bad) in shifting to a customer centric mindset.

Our latest Disruptive Leadership programme was co-created alongside the University’s faculty.  It was the first time we were invited to partner with  the leadership of the University itself.   The programme was designed to help delegates take responsibility for and commit to the changes that they want to see in their respective companies and countries.

Telefónica  constantly encourages us (and themselves) to go beyond traditional approaches and explore new ways of doing things.  We have learned a tremendous amount from partnering with them over the years.