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We deliver coaching, facilitation and training programmes that join the dots across leadership, culture and business capability.


We deliver coaching programmes, training, mentoring, facilitation, and experiential workshops/events that help align people with strategy.  Who you are as a leader in your own life has a direct impact on how you lead at work.  When we partner with our clients we always take into consideration the relationship between the individual and/or team and their cultural environment.   Identity Based Leadership  is core to our overall approach.

Projects range from 1:1 executive or team coaching engagements to  long-term culture transformation initiatives.  We tend to be brought in when traditional approaches have not had the desired results.  Here are some of our typical areas of focus and the reported benefits.


leadership development
identity management
sales training
board facilitation
stakeholder management
customer centricity
executive and team coaching
presentation training/pitching
values alignment
culture change
conflict resolution


self awareness


As a visiting lecturer at Oxford University's Said Business School I talk about how to 'value' reputation from an investor's perspective. Curious Leaders has helped me to think more deeply and strategically about the impact of reputation in both my personal and business life.

N. Morse, Visiting Lecturer, Oxford University Said Business School, SRI Committee, Emerging Equities Markets Portfolio Manager and Analyst, Comgest, Paris

We needed to change and develop our skills to become role models for the brand differentiation we wanted to achieve. Two and a half years later we have established a team "brand" specific to our team's identity that Curious Leaders helped us to define for Barclays our client. Today we continue to use individual and team development roadmaps for the many insights, tools and techniques we learnt from Curious Leaders.

James Ryan, Global Client Director Barclays, IBM

The course was head and shoulders above any other "soft skills" training I have taken part in or run for our graduate programs. It truly helps provide you with a platform to develop professionally. I have no doubt that taking part in this program was a contributing factor in helping me secure a role into a more senior position.

Early Career Programme Consultant, FTSE 100 Bank

I first met Curious Leaders when they were facilitating a Transformational Change programme at the Telefonica University and I have to say, it was one of the best that I have attended in my many years! They provided insightful and, perhaps more importantly, useful and pragmatic tools and techniques for change. I subsequently involved them with work at MT and they were also a huge part of the CIPD 100 year event we ran on the Isle of Man to great feedback.  

John McChesney, Head of Human Resources, Manx Telecom

Real issues we have been asked to help sort

  1. Our top sales people just aren’t building out their relationships across the ‘C’ suite, I don’t know why, can you help?
  2. The engagement scores are at an all time low. We have a risk adverse culture. What do you recommend?
  3. How can we deliver on these numbers and still inspire people to focus on innovation?
  4. We have amazing people doing heroic things. How can we sustain this momentum and avoid burning them out?

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all about the service we offer or how we can help make a difference, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.