Our Approach

We partner with our clients as coaches, mentors, facilitators, trainers and advisors.


We partner with our clients as coaches, mentors, facilitators, trainers and advisors. Regardless of what we are asked to do we always take into consideration the congruence between internal culture and external reality.  

There is no point in having values and a vision or purpose if the company’s narrative is merely seen as abstract marketing communication. Or, if customers don’t feel that a company’s promise is being delivered. Our core services cover executive/team coachingleadership development, customer centricity, culture change, stakeholder management, communications, strategic planning and innovation. We typically  combine industry product expertise and ‘real life experience’ with unique coaching frameworks.  Strategic Identity Management is at the heart of our approach.

Long-term relationships are important to us so we don’t work with a large number of clients. Our preference is depth vs. breadth.  We invest considerably in the relationships we have both with our own team members and the people within the organisations we support. The co-founders (Margaret O’Keeffe and Matthias Gruendler) handle client management personally regardless of project size.  We ensure that we have enough industry know-how to effectively understand the context within which our clients are operating. The models and frameworks we use are both owned by CuriousLeaders and licensed through other companies we have trained with. We are particularly good at blending and flexing processes and tools ‘in the moment’.

Curiosity is about exploring, asking questions, uncovering new possibilities. It can convert fear to fascination. It’s a coaching skill that informs and supports everything we do. When curiosity is present, transformation is made possible. For over a decade our company has invested in cutting edge tools and techniques that encourage people to build their capability, take action and get re-engaged with what matters at work.

Each member of our design and delivery teams has worked at executive level. We’ve ‘been there’ and can empathise with the complexities and challenges of large organisations. Strategic collaborations keep us on the cutting edge of new approaches and this allows us to deliver  services with the type of speed and flexibility our clients require.