Our Approach

Regardless of what we do, we always seek to help align internal and external identity.


We partner with our clients as coaches, mentors, facilitators, trainers and advisors. 

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of identity that integrates executive branding expertise with our experience in designing multiple leadership programmes for FTSE 50 companies, SMEs, social enterprises and as adjunct faculty members of a corporate university.

For us, identity is a leadership ‘practise’ that is practical, contextual and systemic. It connects 3 core areas of identity: personal, team and organisational. Our coaching and facilitation services help people leverage identity as an everyday practise by connecting the dots across leadership, culture and capability.

Our ingoing emphasis is on dynamic process vs. outcome. Results are of course important. However, in our experience, when people start with a fixed end in mind, they often lose sight of other possibilities or innovative alternatives.

Our sense of identity ® framework and strategic identity management™ process helps people build resilience and get re-engaged with work in ways that enhance resilience, positivity and productivity.

Curious Leaders ® co-founders Margaret O’Keeffe and Matthias Gruendler handle client management personally regardless of project size. They co-create and deliver programmes with senior associates they trust and know well. When engaged on large projects we collaborate with specialists who partner with the core team to deliver on the scalability required.

We draw from extensive qualifications, training credentials and diagnostics across executive & business coaching, team management, leadership, values alignment, organisational systems and culture transformation.